Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
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Support +386 1 475 55 55


Complete control
over your IT

Control systems


With a modern monitoring system, you will have a comprehensive overview of the functioning of the IT infrastructure and services.

With a transparent web interface that is available on any device, you will have insight into the status and availability of monitored devices, systems and services in real time. The monitoring system can also take care of notifying administrators, maintainers and users in the event of potential problems or unexpected deviations in the operation of your IT system.


  • Overview of all components of your IT environment
  • Clear graphic display of data
  • Real-time insight
  • Faster response in case of problems

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